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Integration with Quickbooks Online


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  • Nathan B

    Hi Jeff!

    I did a search to see if I could pull any of this info for you.

    Disclaimer: This isn't from TheraNest or TherapyBrands! This is just some info I was able to locate, but I'm not sure of the validity.

    The website that I found is here:

    It's saying that you need to format the spreadsheet first, then follow these steps:

    1. Sign in to QuickBooks Online.
    2. Select Settings ⚙. Then select Import Data.
    3. Select Products and Services.
    4. Select Browse to upload the file from your computer. Choose the file, and then select Open.
    5. Or, to upload from Google Sheets, select Connect to sign into your Google account. Choose the file, and then Select.
    6. Select Next.
    7. Map your information. Your Field represents the headers on your spreadsheet. From each drop-down ▼ menu, select the one that matches a field in QuickBooks Online.
    8. Select Next.
    9. If you see some cells highlighted in red, this means the cell is invalid. Check the cell in your spreadsheet and try importing again.
    10. Select Overwrite all values for each product or service with the same name. Make sure everything looks correct because this can't be undone.
    11. Select Import.

     I hope this helps! Please follow up to let us know if it worked!


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